Apple cupcake drizzled with caramel from Sullivan & Bleeker

There’s been plenty of posts about TUM this week, and well, here’s one more. Since I’ve already gone over my favourite eats, this time around I’ve got lots of shots of people (shocking, I know). Here are my thoughts on TUM, a year later.

It’s been a bit of a learning for both attendees and team TUM, but things seem to be running pretty smoothly now that everyone has a good idea what to expect; sell-out crowds, lining up early, having extra stomachs, and keeping the atmosphere fun. I’d written up my tips on attending food events like this some months back, and they continue to work well for me. I’m also pleased that this food event concept can sustain people’s interest in Toronto – kudos to the organizers and volunteers for making TUM an event that people want to return to.

For the first time, a family-friendly day event was held. My niece was pretty happy that she finally got to attend a TUM event, and I was pleased with all the afternoon light. It makes me wish they had a two-part event all the time; it was nice to spread things out and not to have to rush (and stuff myself) in the evening. Though I’ll be honest, $40 is a lot for the privilege. Also, I still want more of a market (West Side Beef seemed to be the only ones purposefully offering product for take-home), less an eat-fest, but I’m probably the only one. And well, it hasn’t stopped me (or anyone else) from attending TUM in the slightest.

Team TUM has really learned how best to use their space at the Brickworks, especially concerning their high-traffic vendors like Rock Lobster and Fidel Gastro’s. Traffic flow was good for both day and evening events and though the entry line is something crazy long (get there early!), they were pretty quick getting us through the doors once they opened. There’s a lot of work and planning that goes into an event this size, so thanks to all involved and Happy Birthday!

One more note! Congratulations to Stephanie who won the draw for my two extra TUM tickets. You can read up on her 1st TUM experience here. Want to attend the next TUM in October? Looks like there are still some tickets left!