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Toronto Underground Market's 1 Year Anniversary Wrap-up

There’s been plenty of posts about TUM this week, and well, here’s one more. Since I’ve already gone over my favourite eats, this time around I’ve got lots of shots of people (shocking, I know). Here are my thoughts on… Continue Reading →

TUM Faves: ESÉ's Tomalitos

This sweet corn cake is both sweet and savoury. With dulce de leche drizzled on top and a kick of salt and butter, this was really nice. Soft, nice crumb, good corn taste. I also discovered that I used to… Continue Reading →

TUM Faves: Kwek Kwek

I’ve had these guys before, but Bistro Filipino’s kwek kwek – deep-fried quail eggs in anatto batter and a rice dipping sauce – were especially delicious this time around. Lightly crispy on the outside, delicious molten yolk inside. Wanted to get… Continue Reading →

TUM Faves: KEO's Caramels

KEO Confiserie’s delicious caramels are delicious.

TUM Faves: Meat On Shrimp Chip

Simple & tasty bites of sausage (beef, they said?) with greek yogurt, pickled onions, and cucumber. I liked the crunch of the chip with the softer bounce of the sausage. And the pickled bits worked well with things. From The Backyard… Continue Reading →

TUM Faves: The Homer, The Simpsons' Donut

Tangy black currant icing. Perfectly-coloured sprinkles. Lulz.

TUM: Missed Vendors & Unofficial Vendor List

The post of stuff I ate was already too long, so here are the remaining photos I had of vendors I didn’t manage to get to.

Toronto Underground Market Takes Off

Toronto’s interest in food and food events seems to have reached a fever-pitch; food trucks, food fundraisers, and the proliferation of farmer’s markets in every mall parking lot give a good indication of this. Latest on the scene is the Toronto Underground Market. Self-described as a… Continue Reading →

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