Wes Allen Spices. Meant to go back and take a better look, but never got around to it.

The post of stuff I ate over the weekend at Toronto Underground Market was already too long, so here are the remaining photos I had of vendors I didn’t manage to get to. At the end of the post is the list of all vendors (updated to 30/30!) that I could identify with sites and twitter handles that I could find.

L-Eat Catering had some house ketchup to take home along side their food offerings.

Lemonade – looked tasty. Logo, but no name found. Liked their table setup.

Thyme chips and brownies from Nice Bake Shop.

Clockwise from top left: Bistro FilipinoVijaya’s & Krishna’s Pure South-Indian Vegetarian Cuisine, Comida Del PuebloShi-Naki, Tartina, and West Side Beef. The line up for Bistro Filipino and Comida Del Pueblo were too long, though I was interested in trying their stuff. Next time! Shi-Naki I overheard had some awesome quesadillas. By the time the line was short enough to have a go, I was too full.

Along with some beer & wine vendors: Beau’s, Amsterdam, Flying Monkeys, Stone Hammer (didn’t see these guys, but they’re on the TUM site), and Lailey Vineyards.

This was a well-organized event and many thanks to Hassel Aviles for organizing.

Vendor List

I couldn’t find a vendor list, official or not. So I had too much time on my hands and cobbled one together of vendor websites, their twitter handles, and what they sold. I may be missing one, as there were supposed to be: 25 vendors + 4 breweries + winery = 30, but I have only 29 on my list. There were also a few without names (top of the list, in grey). Can anyone fill-in the gaps?

  1. Adventurefood follow on twitter Frikandeller sandwich, Coco bun sandwich
  2. Albert Tan Smoked salmon ice cream sandwich
  3. Amsterdam Brewery follow on twitter Beer
  4. Backyard Kitchen follow on twitter Curry with French bread, 18-hour pulled pork sandwich
  5. Beau’s follow on twitter Beer
  6. Beech Tree, The follow on twitter Fish ‘n’ Chips, Sunday roast sandwich, auld spot sandwich, black and tan sandwich
  7. Big Smoke Coffee Co. follow on twitter Pork belly sandwiches, coffee, papaya egg-bread pudding
  8. Bistro Filipino follow on twitter Deep fried quail eggs, (more items I couldn’t figure out)
  9. Guy Rawlings Kombucha, Peach & Lavander (crumble), Mustard, Rillette & Saurkraut
  10. Comida Del Pueblo follow on twitter Cornbread grilled cheese, Chorizo bahn mi, Chocolate tamale w/hibiscus cream, Hibiscus Agua Fresca
  11. Flying Monkeys follow on twitter Beer
  12. Hackney Fine Foods Scotch egg
  13. Katrina’s follow on twitter Macarons
  14. L-Eat Catering follow on twitter House-made ketchup, chicken and smoked cheddar spring rolls
  15. La Carnita follow on twitter Mexican chorizo taco and Taco de lengua
  16. Lailey Vineyards follow on twitter Wine
  17. Les Amis d’Oeuf follow on twitter Fried bacon & egg dumplings
  18. Lunch Room, The follow on twitter Chocolate bouchon, goat cheese clafouti, almond financiers, macaroons, creme brulee
  19. Nice Bake Shop follow on twitter Thyme chips, brownies
  20. Picnic Society, The follow on twitter Cherry amaretto, brown sugar vanilla, and watermelon basil lemonades
  21. Popover Girl follow on twitter Sweet & savoury popovers
  22. Shi-Naki Tomato & melon gazpacho, pulled pork quesedilla, toasted spiced corn nuts
  23. Stone Hammer follow on twitter Beer
  24. Tartina Coconut cream and Dutch apple caramel cupcakes
  25. Tita Fl!ps follow on twitter Ukoy, garlic peanuts, lumpia shanghai
  26. Tricia’s Tasty Treats Organic kale pesto with whole wheat pasta
  27. Vijaya’s & Krishna’s Pure South-Indian Vegetarian Cuisine Lemon-lime rice, green mango rice, vanghibhath, papads
  28. Wes Allen follow on twitter Bottled spices, tomato rasam soup
  29. West Side Beef Co. follow on twitter Po’ Boys
  30. Wheelie Sweet Triple Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel Fudge Square, Mango White Chocolate Blondie, Pina Colada Square