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Queen Margherita Pizza Enters The Ring

Many people believe that Libretto holds the crown for best pizza in the city. Queen Margherita Pizza on the follow link generic levitra mastercard East side of Toronto has come to challenge that. While the main card is a $25 prix-fixe, just so you know, you are still able to order by the pie. However, the pizzas are big enough for sharing (if you’re a lighter eater) and with a reasonably-priced glass of wine, it’s a really nice way to spend an evening. Now, I’ll get out of order cheap levitra the way and very good site gernic viagra let the photos do their thing.

Roasted beets with goat cheese

Polenta with sausage – this was really good.

Giovanni – tomato sauce, fior di latte cheese, arugula, cherry tomatoes and prosciutto di Parma. Best pizza of the night.

Diavola – tomato sauce, fior di latte cheese, hot sausage and hot peppers.

Rocco – tomato sauce, Gorgonzola, Italian sausage, and red onions.

Margherita – tomato sauce, fior di latte cheese, and fresh basil.

Arugula salad in balsamic reduction topped with parmigiana.

Some conclusions: I didn’t like QMP as much as I did Libretto when it first opened. However, I find the pizza at Libretto not magically tasty as those first few visits and of equal tastiness to QMP right now. However, I give the slight edge to QMP for quick seating and spacious dining area. Given that, I feel it comes down to pizza style (though both tout being “authentic”) and if you like your pizza crispy through-out (Libretto) or just a little softer at its heart (QMP). Either way, both pizzerias use high-quality ingredients and put out some fine pies and each have claimed their territory in Toronto. I call it a draw and viagra best buy am happy for more good pizza in town.

More at QMP

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6 Responses to “Queen Margherita Pizza Enters The Ring”

  1. Dan

    back alley grill in kensington deserves your attention. Chinese influenced sous vide meat in woodburning ovens with a pizza/biscuity/flatbready dough. Chicken gorgonzola homemade XO sauce pizza was amazing.

  2. Renée

    Buca has my heart for the the best place buy discount cialis online city’s top crust (and toppings). 8 hour calabrese style pork braised with rosemary or house cured lardo and cinnamon, oh my. Getting a reservation when the craving hits is the only problem – just have to time them 4-6 weeks ahead (thank goodness another “well timed” reservation has been made. Just have to sit tight for another 2 weeks).

    My friend – who used to only know Terroni for their pastas (tee hee) – the pastas at Buca are wonderful too. ;)

  3. phoenikia

    Love the scissors ;-)

    I’m slowly making my way through everchanging list of Buca’s pizzas- loved the alici, liked the mortadella and the patate/rosemary. Found the look here cheepest cialis chili/salume/ramp pizza pretty good, but wouldn’t order it again ;-)

    If you get a craving midweek, it isn’t difficult to do a walk-in on a Tuesday night around 9:15 pm, in my experience ;-) Also recommend the pig’s ears ;-) Wasn’t a fan of the orecchiette with baby octopus, but did like the ramp/testa pasta, and the ravioli. I like the pizzas I’ve tried a little more than the pastas I’ve tried.

  4. Jen

    I’ve been meaning to hit up Buca!! Just… haven’t… gone… yet. Thanks for the tips Phoenikia! We do eat late, so that’ll be in our favour…

    I’ve found the Terroni pasta just not as good as it used to be in the last while. So I’ve given it up. However, if Buca’s got some tasty pasta… I’m there! (..and okay, I’ll eat their pizzas too, Renée!~)


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