Loved this cookie by @eatspecialk. So cute.

Just as an update to my previous post, here is the haul I snagged from day 2 of Toronto Bakes For Japan, this time, at The Rivoli! Shot (and ate some of) these at David’s Tea next door to the event. Had a fun time chatting with fellow food enthusiasts whilst sipping on some very fragrant butterfly jasmine.

Red Velvet cake pop from oh yenner! Not too sweet, more cakey, and not wet, this was more what I was expecting from a cake pop. I missed the fact that they were trying to make it look like a rice ball – which it totally does looking at it now. Would have been hilarious had they made it look like onigiri (hmnn…)! Very cute and makes me want to try my hand at making my own. Maybe for easter. Cake eggs?

A lot of cupcakes today at the Rivoli in batches of 6 and 12 mini ones. Also, trays of quite decent butter tarts from (maybe from Cupcakes and Sundry?) Bo Peep’s Bake Shop. I liked the filling.

Gingerbread cookies from Flour Fancies. Good taste, but a little hard for my liking. Though they definitely grew on me as I nibbled my way though the bag with a cup of tea. The granola from Punk Rock Betty Crocker was great (and comes with a mini scoop!) and the molasses cookie, again from Bo Peep’s Bake Shop, was a nice texture.

Thought this mochi needed to be more chewy, but appreciated that the red bean filling wasn’t too sweet. Like I should talk, since mine were not nearly as pretty as these. And last, but not least, theses macarons were the favourite from the Rivoli haul. Flavours were hazelnut, coffee, and green tea (? – sorry, was hitting sugar fatigue by then). Nice shell, moist cookie, good fillings.

I tried to find who made what, but my Google-fu failed on some. If you recognize any of these treats and know who baked/made them (or see that I’ve attributed them to someone else in error), let me know!

At the end of the day, seems like Toronto Bakes for Japan met, and surpassed, their goal raising over $10,000! Great job to all – organizers, venues, bakers, and eaters.