Back in April: Seville orange jam. It was the first time I’d tried to make it and I thought it turned out really well. Not too sweet, really bright and intense flavours with a slight bitter finish. Six oranges made two pots of jam that went far too quickly. On a toasted baguette, with a deliciously rich layer of Stirling Churn 84 Reserve, and a nice slathering of fruit-laden and just quivering jelly – perfect.

Before getting into it, I did some research and settled on the recipe for Seville Orange Marmalade from – mostly because I like a lot of fruit in my jam. I also happened to have meyer lemons. Might increase the amount of liquid next time – wanted a bit more jelly-to-fruit. But the instructions are good and the base recipe is straight-forward. Going to have to wait until next season to get more oranges, but I’ll definitely be making a bigger batch!