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Weslodge Snacks

The Scotch Egg. Good, but the exterior tastes a lot like a falafel. Nice with the tomato chutney/jam.

Meant for this to be a short photo-only post, but apparently, I had more to say. Went to Weslodge for dinner recently and had these very good sides and snacks. Wouldn’t hesitate to return for these guys and drinks.

The space is well put together and in-theme – with a high polish on everything.

Asparagus on puff pastry with ricotta and baby arugula. Really light and flaky pastry and simply delicious.

A Tobacco Manhattan & Barrel Aged Negroni. Not as strong as these typically are. Or I’m just getting accustomed to punch-in-your-face old-school cocktails.

Bacon and sprouts. Especially loved the bacon. Not too salty yet really flavourful. House cured.

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2 Responses to “Weslodge Snacks”

  1. Ken

    The scotch egg does look perfectly-cooked inside, and the sausage meat layer looks thin enough as to not be overwhelmingly meaty. Thanks for the pics!

  2. Jen

    Ken, it was pretty good. Less meaty-tasting than most Scotch eggs due to the flavouring. I usually hate it when there’s too much meat anyway.


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