Holy Chuck hits all my happy burger notes. Above, the Grind & Shine.

I’m not a burger aficionado, but after trying several of the usual suspects around the city, I’ve settled on Holy Chuck as being my favourite. Their patties aren’t packed solid yet keep their shape when I eat it. And thankfully, I get a nice amount of crust – not a dry and browned puck. And mostly, the flavour of the beef is good. The Grind & Shine is one of my favourites: a double cheeseburger – with an egg on it. And bacon. And caramelized onions. And house-made chips. They’re delicious grease bombs that I dream of.

Also notable: their shakes are a meal in and of themselves – split one. I’m also fond of their desserts – the funnel cake in particular.

Holy Chuck 1450 Yonge Street, Toronto

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