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The Black Hoof's Pierogies

New menu items and a cocktail bar from the kids at The Black Hoof!

Leslieville sprouts again

It was just last year that I wrote about a plethora of places opening up in Leslieville and environs. Well, apparently, the trend continues for spring 2011. Here are some new openings and movement in the last few months.

BYOW + Corkage in Toronto

I’ve been busy these last two weeks.┬áThere was a lot of chatter on Chowhound about corkage fees and not having a good, updated, listing. So people would post about what they knew and well, it horrified me. No sorting? No… Continue Reading →

Nibbles 'n' Notes Around Town

Toronto has been blanketed by snow for the last while and somehow all that fresh white powder made me want to take long walks around the city. Here’s what I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks on my meanderings.

Last-minute New Year's Eve Roundup

A short list of restaurants with New Year’s Eve openings that you won’t find on Open Table. Clearly, not an exhaustive list. And of course, call ahead to make sure.

Billy's Wine Book

Billy’s Best Bottles details well-priced wines and is organized for easy-reading. Meaning that if you’re a wine noob like me, this is a really friendly way to understand wines and get some suggestions. Certainly useful when confronted with the rows upon rows of bottles at the LCBO.

Two notable daily-deals

Daily deals are getting better – I actually want to buy them. Last week was a good deal for About Cheese and today we have Fin Izakaya (which I enjoy) and Callebaut (ditto).

Chicago, June 2010

Escaping the brouhaha that was the G20 in Toronto, I ran off with Endy to Chicago for an extended weekend. Though our hotel was located just off the shopping Mecca that is the Magnificent Mile, we, of course, hadn’t chosen Chicago for its shopping, but rather for its food. After some extensive research, the itinerary was set up and like all my trips, sight-seeing was optional and merely a good way to kill time between meals. I had short-listed 7 restaurants, 3 markets, and a pig butchering demo during our stay, with several optional places (mostly of the drinking variety) to hit if we had time.

Deals of the Day

Some interesting food (and one non-food) deals today: $8 for $16 worth of credit at Wanda’s Pie In The Sky on (I get a referral if you click the link and sign up – let me eat pie!) Except… Continue Reading →

Nibbles 'n' Notes Around Town

I’ll usually post about a good meal or something noteworthy, but sometimes, I just have these tidbits of meals that don’t equal a whole post. I finally hit critical mass on these recently, and so, here are my recent bits… Continue Reading →

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