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TUM Faves: ESÉ's Tomalitos

This sweet corn cake is both sweet and savoury. With dulce de leche drizzled on top and a kick of salt and butter, this was really nice. Soft, nice crumb, good corn taste. I also discovered that I used to… Continue Reading →

Salted Caramel Truffles From Nota Bene

I love that Nota Bene has these salted caramel truffles as an after-dinner option. It’s got a liquid caramel centre that explodes on your tongue when you bite into it (pro-tip: pop the whole thing in your mouth and let… Continue Reading →

Prairie Girl Bakery

You’d think that the city couldn’t possibly sustain yet another dedicated cupcake shop, but clearly I’m in the minority.

TRU’s Tasty Dessert Tasting

I have a sweet-tooth. I know it. So when I heard there was this dessert tasting-menu at TRU in Chicago, I got all excited. Then I read the dress code: gentlemen must wear a jacket in the dining room. We… Continue Reading →

Carrot Cake Ice Cream

Visited Earth with some friends recently. Everyone had a good time and were quite stuffed by the end of our meal (photos below!). So much so that we all opted to not have dessert. Almost. You see, we were told… Continue Reading →

The Basic Cheesecake

Never having made a cheesecake before (usually my sister’s domain), I settled on Cooking For Engingeer‘s New York style cheesecake to test-drive and tweak. Now, they call for a ridiculous amount of cream cheese and eggs to make a 10″… Continue Reading →

Kueh Bangkit (Coconut & Tapioca Flour Cookies)

As a child, I remember eating these pale and oddly-shaped cookies. Fragrant with pandan and coconut, these dry and crumbly treats end up melting on your tongue. It’s weird and delicious all at the same time. Goes well with a… Continue Reading →

A Taste I Can't Forget: Orange & Chocolate

A taste I can’t forget (part 1), originally uploaded by Jen Chan. Though foodpr0n.com has been live for almost 9 months, flickr has hosted my photos for many, many, years now. There’s a ton of photos there that I wouldn’t… Continue Reading →

Makin' Mochi

Despite the fact that my trip to Japan was many years ago, the sweet and fresh taste of Ichigo Daifuku still lingers on my tongue. I can still remember bringing this perfectly-shaped, white-dusted, pink treat up to my mouth with… Continue Reading →

Montréal, Day 2: Dinner @ Le Club Chasse Et Pêche

By the time dinner rolled around, I was at just the right level of hungry. The kind of hungry that has you enjoying some bread when they bring it to you, not the kind where you’re mindlessly inhaling it. We… Continue Reading →

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