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Two-Bite Post: Buca

Buca is a trendy Italian place on King West with high ceilings and a cacophony of noise during peak hours. However, they have some really good food with apps and nibbles leading the way. Here are a couple of dishes I wanted to highlight (despite the poor lighting).

Le Rossignol Sings

On a cold wintry night, there’s nothing more satisfying than classic French cuisine to fuel and fortify a body against the chill.

Konner: Tongue-searingly Good

Food at Konner Chinese Restaurant hits that “spicy, but still tasty” strata of eats, which always makes me happy.

Two-bite post: O&B Canteen

TIFF has come and gone, but O&B Canteen thankfully remains. Grabbed a quick breakfast one morning before an event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and was happy that I could get something quick, well-priced, and tasty – nearby!

A Night Out At Scarpetta

First there was an open letter from chef Scott Conant to Torontonians. Several weeks later, Amy Pataki fired back her response. And despite these two highly talked-about writings of chef and critic, there’s been surprisingly little chatter about Scarpetta itself. Though I hadn’t planned to visit so soon, an out-of-town friend gave me the necessary (feather-light) push to make a late Sunday night visit. Keeping in mind that the restaurant had only recently opened, we went in eager to try highly-lauded signature dishes and to suss out other possible treasures on the menu.


Late at night, Böhmer is quiet with a muted buzz from the still busy bar. We get seated by one of the large windows at the entrance and check out the menu of seasonal and local ingredients. While we didn’t order very many dishes, I was quite impressed with the plating.

All The Bits At Mado

On a whim, we changed our plans and decided to have dinner at Mado on our last night in Chicago. Having enjoyed the talk and time spent during a pig butchering demo (more in a later post!) earlier in the afternoon at the restaurant, we thought it would be nice to check the actual dinner service out.

Fascinating moto

In a nutshell, molecular gastronomy is the application of science principles to food preparation and presentation. We see this in full-effect at moto in Chicago, where food and science meet in a playful frolic across your plate. We went all-out and opted for the GTM (Grand Tour Moto), a 20-course, 5-hour extravaganza. At times, it was a phenomenal mix of fantastic food and showmanship, sometimes less-so. But it definitely resulted in an interesting meal at the end of the night.

Mercat A La Planxa

Mercat A La Planxa has some great dishes, and we found everything out of the kitchen to be well-prepared and again, proportioned for more than two people. We ordered eight dishes and that was too many. We could have stopped… Continue Reading →

The Purple Pig

Our first night in Chicago brings us to The Purple Pig where charcuterie, cheeses, and tapas-like dishes dominate the menu. Large communal tables run down the centre of each arm of this L-shaped, loud, and boisterous room. It’s about 8:30… Continue Reading →

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