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Nick and Niagara Street Café

Despite having heard about it numerous times, I hadn’t made it out to Niagara Street Café until late last November. Boy, was I sorry that there weren’t any earlier visits. With time ticking away, I thought I’d post this sooner than later; it’s Chef Liu’s last week, and here’s why you want to check NSC out if you can!

New Year's Day Eats 2012

We know that pretty much everyone is open New Year’s Eve, but what about New Year’s Day? Outside of hotel restaurants and Chinatown, here’s a list I compiled of decent brunch and dinner eats for January 1, 2012.

The Black Hoof's Pierogies

New menu items and a cocktail bar from the kids at The Black Hoof!

Parts & Labour

A few months back, I made a visit to Parts & Labour. While the nuances of that night aren’t as sharp as they once were, it was still a remarkably good meal. Good thing I took photos!

Pork Carnitas Tacos At The Black Hoof

Since January 2011, every time I go to The Black Hoof (928 Dundas Street West), I order the current iteration of their pork tacos. It began as pig’s head tacos (see below) and has evolved to the dish we see… Continue Reading →

Khao San Road

I finally made a second visit to Khao San Road and eat some favourite dishes from Chef Nuit’s previous restaurant.

Photo Friday: Oyster Nigiri From Yuzu

I eat at Yuzu a lot. So much so that I have earned my chopsticks there and their mobile site is my handiwork. But a friend and I agreed: fresh fish, great service, and a comfortable space. Certainly, this isn’t the cheapest sushi in town, but both of us felt that it was definitely good value.

Enoteca Sociale

A few weeks ago, Enoteca Sociale introduced their half-priced enomatic wines on Mondays and Tuesdays. As soon as I digested that bit of news (which was about 2 seconds after I read their tweet), I knew I had to visit… Continue Reading →

Two-Bite Post: The Gabardine

The Gabardine is a polished American bistro with elements that make it more casual: epoxy-lacquered wood tables, white walls, patterned white tin ceiling, mis-matched dishware, and a chalkboard. I stopped in recently and enjoyed some lunch in this bright and airy space.

Comforting Campagnolo

It seems that every couple of weeks another Italian restaurant crops up doing that whole “nonna” cookin’ schtick. These restaurants are like a wave washing upon a shore. A shore littered with the remains of those restaurants’ Italian brethren where their grandmothers may, or may not have, been in the kitchen. Normally, I’d say that Toronto doesn’t need more Italian fare served up. I really would. If only the fare wasn’t so damn good.

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