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Back at the Cottage

Since posting about Ceili Cottage back in July, I’ve returned several times. There’s something about the atmosphere of the Cottage that lures me back – moreso than the food. It’s a great space and Patrick and his wife Alison are… Continue Reading →

Guu opens in Toronto at last

Izakaya isn’t common in Toronto and what has existed isn’t anything to write home about. On the other hand, Guu is five restaurants strong in Vancouver, so they know a thing or two about running a successful Izakaya joint. And… Continue Reading →

Globe's new territory: Earth

Having enjoyed Globe many times over the years, I was happy to visit their newly-opened restaurant Earth up at Yonge and Rosedale. Meant to be a dressed-down version of Globe, its sleek and organic mix of black and beige doesn’t… Continue Reading →

The Ceili Cottage

Ceili Cottage (pronnounced kay-lee) is the newest venture (opened last week) by Starfish owner Patrick McMurray. While this had been on the radar, it wasn’t until the website had coughed up a menu that a dinner visit was decided upon…. Continue Reading →

Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar in pics

Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar is probably most consistently my favourite restaurant in Toronto. It’s hard for me to explain why; the food is rarely exceptional, though usually very good. I think there’s something I find comforting about dining alone at… Continue Reading →

Linda's new digs

And so it is that the more genteel half of Salad King has moved North to the suburbs. No longer tucked away on a second floor, Linda is now front and centre, at the heart of The Shops at Don… Continue Reading →

Quick Tidbit — Very Impressed

Went to Golden Turtle for dinner, maybe only the 3rd or 4th time ever. Server brought out a dish of hot peppers with to go with my pho before I had even mentioned them — guess she remembered me and… Continue Reading →

The Black Hoof

The Black Hoof opened last year in Toronto and instantly set local food enthusiasts abuzz with its meat-centric menu, filled with house-cured charcuterie. A glance at the Chef’s ‘blog revealed such treats as pig snout, raw horse, and lamb headcheese…. Continue Reading →

Harlem Nights

I’d been trying to hit Harlem for a while now, since its 11pm close-time pairs well with my late-night eating schedule. Despite favourable hours, the kitchens were usually shutting down by the time I crossed their threshold. Passing through the… Continue Reading →

Research and Development

Went to Golden Turtle (125 Ossington Avenue) tonight for Vietnamese — I was actually quite impressed.  I like my pho but hadn’t really been eating it often for the past few years.

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