After seeing the poster for Group Of 7 Chefs’ Hogtown Throwdown, how could I resist? So on a hot and sticky afternoon in June at the Brickworks, I found out what Hogzilla vs Pigasus meant: 2 heritage breed pigs from Perth County Pork and lots of delicious ways to consume them. Guest Derek Dammann (of DNA in Montreal) joined the fray. With wines from Hinterlands, Charles Baker, beer from 1664, and lively music floating on the air. Good (but sweaty) fun that evening.

Charles Baker riesling and the happy folks from Hinterlands Wine.

Mouse over the photos if you’re trying to figure out what’s what, but here’s the text all at once below:
  • Marc Dufour (Earth) – Braised pork loin served on a chickpea fritter. Topped with asparagus, smoked maldon salt, chives, and sour cream.
  • Matty Matheson (Parts & Labour) – A roasted pig’s head ramen with egg noodles.
  • Chris Brown (The Stop) – His take on a Caesar salad. Porchetta on a grilled baguette then topped with grilled romaine lettuce, bacon bits, and aioli. Yummy.
  • Mark Cutrara (Cowbell) – Kielbasa topped with a mini panzanella salad.
  • Scott Vivian (Beast) – Pork fat fried scrapple drizzled with aged balsamic vinegar.
  • Derek Dammann (DNA) – Pork loin cooked in the on-site wood-burning oven.
  • Kevin McKenna (Globe, Earth) – Schnitzel with rhubarb relish, fresh pea salad and black walnuts on a leaf of red cabbage. Unless you went later, then you got it on CRACKLING.

Yes, I’m missing someone. Who, I can’t figure out – but it doesn’t matter – I don’t have a photo for them!