A Poised Crown Princess

With the long-time fixture of Dynasty (on Bloor) having just closed its doors (with rumours of relocation ongoing), Crown Princess seems to be well-poised to accommodate dim-sum-hungry patrons in the area.

Konner: Tongue-searingly Good

Food at Konner Chinese Restaurant hits that “spicy, but still tasty” strata of eats, which always makes me happy.

A Box Of Beard Papa's

I was giddy to discover Beard Papa has opened a new outpost in Toronto, yet dismayed I didn’t hear about it sooner!

Two-bite post: O&B Canteen

TIFF has come and gone, but O&B Canteen thankfully remains. Grabbed a quick breakfast one morning before an event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and was happy that I could get something quick, well-priced, and tasty – nearby!

Two notable daily-deals

Daily deals are getting better – I actually want to buy them. Last week was a good deal for About Cheese and today we have Fin Izakaya (which I enjoy) and Callebaut (ditto).

Bribery For The Cure

I’m about 10 days away from CIBC’s Run For The Cure and I’ve done no fund-raising. So I am resorting to baked-goods and pictures of kittens in an attempt to get things going in a hurry.

A Night Out At Scarpetta

First there was an open letter from chef Scott Conant to Torontonians. Several weeks later, Amy Pataki fired back her response. And despite these two highly talked-about writings of chef and critic, there’s been surprisingly little chatter about Scarpetta itself. Though I hadn’t planned to visit so soon, an out-of-town friend gave me the necessary (feather-light) push to make a late Sunday night visit. Keeping in mind that the restaurant had only recently opened, we went in eager to try highly-lauded signature dishes and to suss out other possible treasures on the menu.

Nibbles 'n' Notes Around Town

The weather is already cooling off as we near the end of August, and many of the small in-city farmers’ markets are coming to a close. It’s a great time to get out and take a walk around. Also, walking its a great opportunity to check out all the new restaurants opening, as well as sampling what they might have to offer. Here are some eating notes I’ve collected in the last little while during my travels around the city.

Four Burgers

Burgers are a hot-topic no matter where I look. However, I tend to gloss over the plethora of places that offer this sandwich because the burger isn’t usually my meal of choice. Apparently though, it’s burger-time for me, with four notable ones in the last little while. If you’re a true burger-lover, turn thine eyes away! I did not do an exhaustive search. I did not compare like-burgers. I just thought these were just remarkably tasty.


Late at night, Böhmer is quiet with a muted buzz from the still busy bar. We get seated by one of the large windows at the entrance and check out the menu of seasonal and local ingredients. While we didn’t order very many dishes, I was quite impressed with the plating.

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