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The Black Hoof's Pierogies

New menu items and a cocktail bar from the kids at The Black Hoof!

Parts & Labour

A few months back, I made a visit to Parts & Labour. While the nuances of that night aren’t as sharp as they once were, it was still a remarkably good meal. Good thing I took photos!

Buddha Dogs on Globe's Patio

I love the patio at Globe Bistro (124 Danforth Avenue, Toronto) with their rotating patio-only menu that offers some interesting bites. On one particular evening, I got to try the Buddha Dogs I’d heard a lot about. Long and thin,… Continue Reading →

Pork Carnitas Tacos At The Black Hoof

Since January 2011, every time I go to The Black Hoof (928 Dundas Street West), I order the current iteration of their pork tacos. It began as pig’s head tacos (see below) and has evolved to the dish we see… Continue Reading →

Woodlot Works

Woodlot offers baked goods throughout the day as well as a full-service dinner. So of course, I made both a bakery and a restaurant visit!

Enoteca Sociale

A few weeks ago, Enoteca Sociale introduced their half-priced enomatic wines on Mondays and Tuesdays. As soon as I digested that bit of news (which was about 2 seconds after I read their tweet), I knew I had to visit… Continue Reading →

Comforting Campagnolo

It seems that every couple of weeks another Italian restaurant crops up doing that whole “nonna” cookin’ schtick. These restaurants are like a wave washing upon a shore. A shore littered with the remains of those restaurants’ Italian brethren where their grandmothers may, or may not have, been in the kitchen. Normally, I’d say that Toronto doesn’t need more Italian fare served up. I really would. If only the fare wasn’t so damn good.


Late at night, Böhmer is quiet with a muted buzz from the still busy bar. We get seated by one of the large windows at the entrance and check out the menu of seasonal and local ingredients. While we didn’t order very many dishes, I was quite impressed with the plating.

All The Bits At Mado

On a whim, we changed our plans and decided to have dinner at Mado on our last night in Chicago. Having enjoyed the talk and time spent during a pig butchering demo (more in a later post!) earlier in the afternoon at the restaurant, we thought it would be nice to check the actual dinner service out.

TRU’s Tasty Dessert Tasting

I have a sweet-tooth. I know it. So when I heard there was this dessert tasting-menu at TRU in Chicago, I got all excited. Then I read the dress code: gentlemen must wear a jacket in the dining room. We… Continue Reading →

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