Chef Martin Picard at his newly opened Cabane A Sucre outside of Montreal in 2009

It’s Saturday morning and I’m drinking my tea, reading my twitter feed, and catching up on email. What I noticed: many events going on in the city and quite a few that’s on my radar. Thought I’d share upcoming things and recent eats.

Events I’m Keeping An Eye On

CANOE SHACK-UP Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chefs Martin Picard and Anthony Walsh team up at Canoe in honour of Picard’s new APDC Sugar Shack cookbook. I’ve been to Cabane A Sucre at it was all kinds of awesome. The dinner at $185 (including pairings, taxes, & gratuity) is a hefty price tag, but it’s a convenient way to experience the food without leaving the city and wrangling a reservation (good luck with that). Not to mention that Picard will be there too. Clearly enough people think so too, as I see only 5 2 tickets left for sale right now (Saturday, March 10, 2:15pm). New block released just now (2:25pm)! [Info / Menu / Tickets]


Every now and then, Quince hosts a Rijstaffel dinner. It’s based off of an Indonesian feast called nasi padang and is a product of Dutch colonialism (thanks wiki!). Basically, all the flavours of Malaysia (ish) and that makes me happy. Not sure if there’s space left for this date, but sign up to their email list if you’re interested in future dates. I hear there is a ridiculously long list of items that they serve and a great deal at $55 (tax included!). I’m signed up and can’t wait for this one! [Info]

LA CARNITA: UNO Friday April 13, 2012

La Carnita’s art show. I meant to submit my pig that I sketched back in August 2011, but I was a lazy artist. Boo me. Still, would like to check out this show at the Brickworks that includes past La Carnita artists. And tacos. I’m pretty sure this one involves tacos. My quest to finally eat a Voltron Fish Taco may be realized. The fun starts at 7pm.  [Info]

STREET FOOD BLOCK PARTY Saturday, May 5, 2012

The love child of Food Truck Eats and Toronto Underground Market, Street Food Block Party takes place in May at the Evergreen Brickworks. Tickets on sale in April sometime. [Info]

Good Things Recently Eaten

Porchetta & Waffles at Porchetta & Co

Recent special at Porchetta & Co: Porchetta & waffles. With maple-soaked organic sun-cured figs from Turkey, crème fraîche, and crackling. The fig and maple combo is really nice with the saltiness of the meat. Though this is more dessert than entrée, I had no regrets eating this for dinner. Really yummy. Did want fluffier waffles, but I’m spoiled from recently eating fresh ones at my friend Jo’s.

English Breakfast at Parts & Labour

Having eaten a really good meal there last year, I was really anticipating my next meal. After reading the brunch menu, my anticipation increased. Nothing on it is crazy, but it is everything that I would want to eat at brunch. I just couldn’t figure out how I could eat it all in one go. Luckily, I went with friends and got a good sampling. I had the English Breakfast with fried eggs, streaky bacon, garlic sausage, mushrooms, tomato, beans, hash, and toast. So satisfying.